Now you can get
screen color easily

Sometimes we need to catch the color of a pixel from screen. All is good, but it would be convenient to invoke Color Picker independently at any time.

Here is the little app that will help you. Launch the app and it will be shown on the menubar. Invoke standart mac color picker by one click.

LittlePicker also includes good hex color pane. You pick hex color values from screen or enter hex color value to see result as color on your screen.


  • Invoke color picker by clicking on icon in your menubar
  • Assign hot keys: F5, F6 or F15
  • Pick any color from screen by using standart color picker loupe feature
  • Enjoy additional hex color pane: easily pick hex color value
  • Copy hex color value to clipboard by one click or allow LittlePicker to automatically copy hex color value when you pick it