Beautiful Time Zones Converter
whole world in your pocket
Time Zones The Easy Way
Put any city in the world to your list and watch local time in a convenient format. Move the scroller to quickly see time zone values in past and future.
Any number of time zones on your iPhone at one moment!
Enjoy powerful but easy to use features making your life easier!
Time Scrolling
Use the scroller to change the time for all time zones at the same moment. Move the slider slightly to change the time in 10-minute increments.
Date and Time
Tap on a timezone to select any date and time and see the corresponding local time in all other timezones from your list.
Convenient Cities
and Time Zones Search
Pick cities and countries by directly tapping on the map. Find time zones and geographical points in any format with smart search.
Military Time Mode
and Real-Time Clock
Switch from normal time to military with one touch. Switch between scrolling time zones and real-time clocks easily.
Quick and Easy
Share timezone and time information to any application like Messages or Notes using one swipe!
Add Events to Your Calendar
Quickly add an events to the calendar by swiping on any timezone in your list.
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